Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Zeta Ring for 6th Place - London 2012

The Sixth Place Zeta Ring

Both the Roman and Greek Alphabets use the letter 'Z' in the same way with the same sound. But in the Roman way it goes last, but the Greeks put it near the front. Just in case you forgot English does not have its own native alphabet - the letters you're lookin' at are Roman. But the letter 'Z' maintained its sound but changed position when the Romans were in charge.

Anyways for Olympic Athletes who positioned in 6th - deserve a token.

In honor of the Greeks, in honor of your hard work, in honor of your nation, and in honor of everyone who supported you - you and your people deserve an award.

The first person to get a virtual sixth place 'Zeta Ring' is an Iranian woman Elahed Ahmadi. Congratulations!

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