Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Olympic Rings for 7 Continents and 7 Medals?

At a maximum, if seven medals are given to for seventh place - the metals should be reflective of ancient knowledge.

Thus the ancient metals known before year 1 AD are...

First gets GOLD
Second gets SILVER
Third gets BRONZE
Fourth gets COPPER
Fifth gets TIN
Sixth gets IRON
Seventh gets LEAD


Thursday, August 9, 2012

A medal for sixth place?

A sixth place medal? Certainly not in this century but maybe the next?
Why? Well it all goes back to the Olympic Spirit - via the rings and continents. There are five rings on the Olympic Flag which represent the 'five continents.' The five continents represented in the flag are Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and America. Oddly North and South America are counted as one continent.

Thus after Antarctica is successfully colonized and develops their own nations, hopefully though peaceful means as did Australia and New Zealand - there will be a logical need for an extra ring, when they send athletes to the Olympics in the 22nd Century.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zeus declares that 4th and 5th shall receive medals at the next Olympics

Breaking News - Mount Olympus, Greece.

Zeus has decreed that 4th and 5th place should get medals at the next Winter Olympics at Sochi Russia in 2014.

Sources say Zeus thought fourth place finishers have suffered long enough and added that fifth place should get a medal too. The long abandoned pagan deity said on Thursday morning after reading the papers:

"After all, there are five rings in the Olympic Flag - Look peoples, five rings a make it a five medals! Is good harmony. Do!"

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Every Olympics Newspapers Report about the cruelty of 4th place finishers at the Olympics

Here are London 2012 'quadrenial' articles.

The Washington Post
At Olympics, fourth place is cruelest fate of all by
, Published: August 4 2012

Global Post
Give these guys a medal: Olympic fourth place finishes

Chicago Tribune
4th place: 'a horrible nightmare'
Itasca's Zelenka latest to join Olympics most undesirable club
August 01, 2012|By Stacy St. Clair, Tribune Olympic Bureau



Yahoo's Q & A Blog about Fourth Place 2012

What is fourth place medal?

What Would it be made of?

Fourth Place Medal - London 2012

David Mitchell says to stop giving medals at 4th?

Most people will intuitively counter...

..."WHEN WILL IT STOP!!!??? 5th? 6th? 7th? 8th!? Everyone gets a medal!?"

I advocate five to reflect the five rings of the Olympic Flag. Anymore than that, would be impossible to sell. Unless they add a ring? And that may happen when people born on Antarctica become their own nation - and send athletes.

And when that time comes - maybe in the year 2156 they'll have to add a ring. Just in case you forgot that's what the rings symbolize. Thus it'd be appropriate to have a sixth place medal.

When that day comes, cause' it ain't an if, it's a good bet the nation or nations from Antarctica will dominate the podiums during the Winter Olympics.

Golly, Antarctica may even host the Winter Olympics in the year 2164?
The sixth ring should be orange and just perhaps, the 6th place medal will be made out of iron.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Reason to expand the Olympic Medal System

World Games Logo

The Olympics are held once every four years. Since 1981 the World Games give dedicated athletes an extra opportunity to shine on. The World Games are a good match for the Olympics but lack in glory. Like the Olympics they only give out three medals.

In order to distinguish the Olympics from its younger 'clone' the World Games - a five medal system that reflects the five Olympic Rings is appropriate. This change in a medal reward system will differentiate the two games on a higher level.

Likewise using the Greek Alphabet Letter ranking from Alpha to Omega would give the Olympics a super shine that the World Games could never match.

But the World Games could still give out 'Alpha to Omega' rings like the Olympics but by using the letters of the host nation. Next year the World Games will be in Cali, Columbia in 2013. Thus athletes from 1st to 30th get a World Games Placement Ring since there are 30 'letters' in the Spanish Alphabet. This 30 place system counts 'ch', 'll', '~nye' and 'rr' as letters.

The neat thing about the World Games is that it beat out the Olympics for hosting such a grand event for the first time in South America. Again this is the hallmark of the cosmic balance. Likewise in balance to the 2008 Chinese Beijing Olympics the 2009 Taiwan World Games was also cosmic political counter balance.

So which organization will be first to hold an event in Africa or Middle East?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Reason to give a medal to fourth place

CLICK BELOW ANYWHERE - the title of an article about placing in 4th place

4th place: 'a horrible nightmare'

Itasca's Zelenka latest to join Olympics most undesirable club

August 01, 2012|By Stacy St. Clair, Tribune Olympic Bureau

An Olympian Ring for all athletes - London 2012

Being the best of the best in your nation is good. Why not give all the Olympians a simple ring as a momentous for their awesome work? It will allow them to strut their stuff and keep the Olympic Spirit strong.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Chi Ring for 22nd Place - London 2012

Finally the last ring in the blog post - but not the last letter in the Greek Alphabet - Chi. Pronounced like a kye.

A ring for 22nd place may seem odd, but it was created to honor the Greeks who invented the Olympics. By golly if your gonna have borrow some Greek Culture lets give'em some cultural credit while honoring the long hours of hard work and dedication that athletes put into their effort to make it there.

The first person male or female to earn this virtual ring of honor is the appropriately named Athlete from Kazakhstan Ms. Dovgun, Olga in the 10m air rifle shooting event.

The Ro Ring for 17th Place - London 2012

The P-ring - pronounced 'row.' Is an award that can only be worn by Olympians who finished 17th.

The first Olympian to get this sweet seventeenth ring is from Qatar - Bahya Mansour Al Hamad.

Fun learning fact

The Greek Letter 'Ro' looks like the Roman Letter 'P.' I good way of remembering to distinguish this mix up is to "remeber to row, row, row your boat because if you pee in it, it will sink. And imagine the letter 'P' looks more like an rowing oar than the letter 'R.'

The Tau Ring for 19th Place - London 2012

19 is considered a magic number in some societies - but in this case the 19th letter of Greek Alphabet has become a virtual token for Olympian who placed 19th.

At the London 2012 Olympics a woman from from Austria has earned this virtual accolade - Stephanie Obermoser.

The Nu Ring for 13th Place - London 2012

The leader of the second tier of ranks after Alpha is Nu- pronounced just like 'new.'

The first Olympian to earn a virtual 13th place ring is from the Ukraine - Dariya Sharipova.