Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Reason to expand the Olympic Medal System

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The Olympics are held once every four years. Since 1981 the World Games give dedicated athletes an extra opportunity to shine on. The World Games are a good match for the Olympics but lack in glory. Like the Olympics they only give out three medals.

In order to distinguish the Olympics from its younger 'clone' the World Games - a five medal system that reflects the five Olympic Rings is appropriate. This change in a medal reward system will differentiate the two games on a higher level.

Likewise using the Greek Alphabet Letter ranking from Alpha to Omega would give the Olympics a super shine that the World Games could never match.

But the World Games could still give out 'Alpha to Omega' rings like the Olympics but by using the letters of the host nation. Next year the World Games will be in Cali, Columbia in 2013. Thus athletes from 1st to 30th get a World Games Placement Ring since there are 30 'letters' in the Spanish Alphabet. This 30 place system counts 'ch', 'll', '~nye' and 'rr' as letters.

The neat thing about the World Games is that it beat out the Olympics for hosting such a grand event for the first time in South America. Again this is the hallmark of the cosmic balance. Likewise in balance to the 2008 Chinese Beijing Olympics the 2009 Taiwan World Games was also cosmic political counter balance.

So which organization will be first to hold an event in Africa or Middle East?

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