Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Fye Ring for 21st Place - London 2012

The Fye Ring for Olympic Athletes
who placed at "BLACKJACK"

If you placed 21st which is also 'Blackjack' then you deserve a reward for all your hard work at the Olympics. Fye is the 21st letter of the modern Greek Alphabet. It is basically the Greek Letter 'F' or rather 'F' is the English version of 'Fye.' Fye is usually spelled like Phi, and sometimes pronounced like Fee. Either way is usually fine, or rather phine?

The first Olympic Athlete to earn a virtual Fye ring is Yoon Kyung Na of South Korea.

Finally what a great way to make everyone learn Greek though osmosis! Math, Astronomy, Biology use these letters a lot. No studying, cramming or whatever - just sit back and watch the Olympics.

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